Photos of a Tablet PC in a Sport Jacket Pocket

A Motion Computing LS800 is a full Windows XP Tablet PC Edition computer that fits into a doctor's white coat pocket.  However, this size is larger than a standard sport jacket pocket.  Faced with the challenge of this size difference, a large sport jacket manufacturing company added LS800-size pockets to the inside of one of their sport jackets.  In the photo at left above an LS800 is being carried in such an inside pocket; it is hard to notice that anything is unusual.  In the photo at right the LS800 is being removed from the pocket.

The photos convey the fact that you can walk around with an LS800 in a sport jacket pocket and take it out conveniently when needed.  Indeed, walking around with the LS800 in this jacket pocket for several days at a conference was far more comfortable and convenient than carrying the usual tote-bag or briefcase.

These photos convey the mobility argument for Tablet PCs.  For many people, the hands-free-mobility benefit of Tablet PCs is more compelling than the ability to use ink.

The jacket pocket was clearly version 1.0.  Version 2.0 would be more integrated as a conventional jacket pocket.

Addendum: Some have wondered whether the pocket blocks ventilation of the LS800, resulting in shutdown due to overheating.  This doesn't happen at all.  Maybe the flapping around of the jacket, the ability of heat to escape the pocket and putting the computer into sleep mode when in the pocket (except when photographing) gets around this potential problem.  Overheating never happens either when docked; it only seems to occur when the computer is flat, being charged on AC power and the hard drive is used extensively at the same time.

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