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Piano Graphique Rockz Research-It Cellular Automata
Mars Photos Twenty Questions Pikachu I Spy
Lego stuff Mars simulation Fireworks Postopia
Webster Pokémon Seussville Thomas the Tank Engine
Harry Potter Penguins Penguin cam Petit Prince
Cat and Mouse Neopets Number Machine BrainPOP
Happy Child Nifty 50 States Art Games Paint.NET
KidsHealth RefDesk Educ ref Mars news
X   + ArtRage Mass Libraries
Out of Order 3D sketching Rubik Dictionary 

Note:  If we know that a site uses spyware that installs on computers running Microsoft Windows we don't include that site on the Windows version of the lists to prevent an unsuspecting child from messing up your computer.  If we know that a site does not work on the Macintosh we do not include that site on the Macintosh version of the lists.