Tablet Input Panel Icon Often Fails to Appear Using Microsoft JVM

When this applet is run on a Tablet PC using the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine, sometimes the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) floating icon will not appear following pen presses within the TextField of the Java applet.  In contrast, presses within the browser's Address input field work as expected.  If the TIP icon failed to appear for a Java TextField in a browser session typically this problem continues for the rest of the browser session.  In other browser sessions the TIP icon appears as expected for both the browser fields and the applet TextField, and typically everything continues to work as long as the browser is kept open.

If the TIP icon failed to appear the TIP can invariably be summoned by clicking on the "Tablet PC Input Panel" tray icon or using the waving gesture.

If the TIP icon has appeared, it disappears consistently following opening "Tools | Internet Options" and clicking the red X to close the dialog. 

Test conditions:

The TIP icon always appears as expected using the Sun JVM (1.5.0 and by report 1.4.2_05).

This seems like a bug, but it is difficult to approach because it is inconsistent.  The problem does not seem to be a lack of accessibility hooks for MS Java TextFields since the TIP icon does pop up from these Java components on many browser sessions.  It seems that the TIP icon appears almost always if the browser opens initially to a page with a Java TextField.

Are there workarounds to get the TextField to elicit the TIP floating icon more reliably? 

Other Tablet PC Java problems:

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Source code:

import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class tablet_icon extends Applet {

public void init()
    TextField textField = new TextField(20);
} // END OF Class tablet_icon