Intermittently only some components refresh (Version 2)

Oracle bug 8014369

Click the "Change panel once" button in the applet below several times.  The components in the applet refresh only partially after some instances of pressing the button.  This problem is seen in Java 8 for Macintosh build 88 in both Safari and Firefox, and in Safari on Java 7.0_21 (Firefox not tested there).

Source code for the applet is at this link.

This behavior is intended to model in a simple context the behavior seen at this link, but of course it is possible that these are separate problems.  A similar applet with the same refresh problem is at this link.  This applet was used for a bug report on Java 5 on Windows, and was determined to involve two different bugs:


An engineer at Oracle added a comment to be the bug report in May 2013 and elaborated in an email "I traced down this bug and found that part of the issue is in the CAlayer implementation. The reason is simple: setNeedsDisplay is not followed by the drawInGLContext. The problem is not reproduced if I set layer.asynchronous from FALSE to YES."  Although CAlayer is a MacOS component, the engineers at Apple have concluded that it is up to Oracle to fix this on their own.

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