Wine popsicles recipe

Wine popsicles can be made with many fruit juices, but a favorite is pineapple juice, used in the recipe below.  The recipe is scaled according to the typical size of a container of frozen juice concentrate. 

It is best to prepare the mixture with cold ingredients, such as mixing the slushy partially-defrosted concentrate with refrigerated wine, refrigerated lemon juice and tap water.

Adjust the amount of lemon juice to produce the desired sourness.  Those who do not like sourness should use less lemon juice.  If the amount of wine is increased too much it becomes difficult to freeze the popsicles.  

Ingredient ounces or milliliters
Pineapple juice frozen concentrate 12   360
White wine 10   300
Water 4   120
Lemon juice 4   120
Total 30   900

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These popsicles are about 3% alcohol, based on wine being about 9% alcohol.  Fresh orange juice contains up to 0.5% alcohol.  Take appropriate precautions in the presence of children.