Dissection Solution

STERILE (no filtering needed since all ingredients are sterile)

For 250 ml:

INGREDIENT  ml per 250 ml  Final solution has mM:
Na2SO4 1 M 22.50  90.00
K2SO4 0.25 M 30.00  30.00
MgCl2 1 M 1.45  5.80
CaCl2 0.1 M 6.20 0.25
Sodium HEPES 500 mM 0.50  1.00
(has 0.4 Na+)
Sodium phenol red  0.20  N/A
Autoclaved water  Fill to 250 ml   

Do not filter since all the ingredients are sterile.

Copyright 2002 Dr. Michael M. Segal, Department of Neurosurgery, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston MA 02115, USA.  Many of the solutions are based on recipes from the Furshpan and Potter labs; the recipes given here are the versions we use now in the Segal lab.  Individual copies may be made of this page for use in educational institutions.