Directory of Segals

Name Location Web Segal Ancestor
Location ~ 1880 

Aaron P. Segal

Dallas, TX Web  
Alan J. Segal Yorba Linda, California Web Russia
Andrés L. Segal Campinas, Brazil Web  
Arthur Segal Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Web St. Petersburg, Russia
Benjamin Segal Gastonia, North Carolina Web  
Brent M. Segal Boston, MA Web  
Brian G Segal Antigonish, Nova Scotia Web  
David Segal London, UK Web Mariopol, Poland
David Joseph Segal Herndon, VA Web Brody, Ukraine
Ellen Segal Coral Springs, FL Web Poland
Eliezer (Lorne) Segal Calgary Web  
Ezequiel Segal Buenos Aires, Argentina Web  
Ezequiel Segal Buenos Aires, Argentina Web  
Fred Segal Pompano Beach, FL Web  
Gary L. Segal Philadelphia, PA Web  
Glen Segell London, UK Web Lithuania
Graham John Segal Laidley, Queensland, Australia Web Black Sea area of Russia
Inna Segal Victoria, Australia Web  
Khairon Nachar Segal Laidley, Queensland, Australia Web N/A
Jérôme Segal Vienna, Austria Web Drohobych, Ukraine
Joseph Tuchler Segal Falls Church, VA Web Brody, Ukraine (was Austria)
Lawrence J. Segal Riverside, California Web  
Lydia Segal Adelaide,  S. Australia Web  
Marcello Segal Rishon Le Zion, Israel Web Romania
Mark Segal Philadelphia, PA Web Ukraine
Max Segal Dunedin, New Zealand Web Russia
Menachem Segal Rehovot, Israel Web Pragha, Poland
Michael Segal Massachusetts, USA Web Plyan, Lithuania
Noam Segal Nes-Ziona, Israel Web  
Paul Morris Segal Victoria, Australia Web  
Raphael Segal Adelaide,  S. Australia Web  
Roberto Segal São Paulo, Brasil Web Romania
Robin Segal New York City Web Plyan, Lithuania
Rodney Gordon Segal Sydney, Australia Web  
Ruben Maximo Segal Beit Keshet, Israel Web Soroka, Ukraine
Ruben Segal Buenos Aires, Argentina Web  
Shir Segal Nes Ziona, Israel Web  
Simone Segal North York, Ontario Web  
Stu Segal Metuchen, NJ Web Russia / Poland
Virgil Segal Austria Web Russia
William Segal New York, NY Web Lachawitz , Ukraine

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