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Exploratorium 15 3D Logic  2 Game rules Dictionary  עברית  Bookworm
Lego Mindstorms Alchemy Atomica Mathwords Khan Academy Dreidel
Make Bejeweled Bounce Out Torah (sung תורה)

Bible  Rashi

Graph paper
Minute Physics Chuzzle Collapse Mishnah  משנה Talmud  תלמוד Jotto  More Words
Optical illusions Connect 4 Cracker Barrel RhymeZone NW  Keyboard Life
Particle World Cubis Fant contrapt Wikipedia Thesaurus Math programs
Phylo Filler Hnefatafl/Tablut Downloaded (italics for pen input) MathWorld
Physics simulation Ishido (manual) Nisqually ChemPad Scratch Pi search
Sky View Cafe Open Doors Othello MathJournal Math practice Pig Latin
Spy Museum Rush Hour Symbolic Link Graph Game Maker Sudoku
Velleman Tetris Tic-Tac-Toe 3D


Physics illustrator TextTwist
  Tic Tac Toe YALi NoteWorthy Music Notepad Wolfram Alpha

This is a list of Web sites approved by Segal kids and their parents.  Thanks to Caines, Denaburgs, Farbmans, Liebgotts and Nielsens for suggestions.  If you have a tip send it to us, and please include the URL.  For sites no longer listed on this page click here.